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Frequently Asked Questions

What is signwriting?

Signwriting is the process of applying a design to any surface, for example a van. There are two main  methods used, either hand painting the design or applying designed vinyl on to the surface.

What is the benefit of having signwriting?

Depending on where you drive, you vehicle could get seen by up to 3000 people an hour, therefore it is one of the best ways to advertise your business.  It is local and non-aggressive advertising that it proven to work.

On the other hand, signwriting can be used for personal purposes. In this case, it can be used to enhance the appearance of your vehicle.

What’s better, hand painted or vinyl signwriting?

That depends, there are benefits and drawbacks for both methods. Hand painted signwriting is completely unique and always look authentic, however it is permanent. Once its on and dried, there is no going back. On the other hand, vinyl signwriting is removable. Vinyl signwriting is more cost effective and there are endless possibilities when it comes to  design as digital software is used to create it. In most cases, it is quicker to apply.

Can I wash my vehicle once it has been signwritten?

Yes, vinyl is completely waterproof  – but do it with extra care when washing your vehicle. We do advise against using a pressure washer, but if you want to, use it on a lower pressure setting and stay away from the signwriting where possible. Especially where the vinyl is thin, for example small lettering.  We recommend you use hot soapy water and a microfibre wash mitt to prevent scratching the vinyl.

Do I need to wait to drive the vehicle once its been signwritten?

No, your vehicle is ready to go as soon as the job is completed. However there is a 48 hour cure time for the adhesives in the vinyl so do take extra care in this time window and definitely don’t wash the vehicle during this time.

Do I need to provide my own designs for my signage?

No, we offer a full and professional design service. With a brief from yourself we can get started, working with you to proof our designs as we go. If you already have a design that’s not a problem, if it is in the correct format for printing we can go ahead,  but if it not in the right format we will have to recreate the design..

How long does vehicle signwriting last?

We laminate all of our decals to ensure the maximum life is achieved. Our premium vinyl, UV resistant laminates and accredited installation techniques allow our signage to last 5-7+ years.

Will it damage my paintwork?

No. The adhesives on the vinyl we use are safe for all applications. However, if the signwriting is removed after being on for a long time, you may notice a slight difference in how reflective the paintwork is, as the paintwork under the vinyl will have been protective from the harmful UV rays.  I wouldn’t worry though, as it takes a long time for this effect to be noticeable.

Is signwriting removable?

Yes. It is an easy removal process, use heat from a heat gun or hair to gently warm ad soften the adhesives in the vinyl. Then peel from the edge to remove. We offer a vinyl removal service if you would like it done professionally.

Can I put wax on myvehicle after its been signwritten?

We advise against using any chemicals anywhere near the vinyl as they may cause it to crack and deteriorate.

Does signwriting affect insurance?

Possibly.  Good news though, many insurers believe that if you have business signwriting on your vehicle, you are more likely to drive carefully as that vehicle is representative of a/your company.

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