Digital Printing Services in Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Digital printing is a type of printing that uses digital technology to produce printed products. Digital printing replaces traditional offset lithographic printing, which is based on using plates to print text and images.

In short, digital printing refers to the process of producing a finished product by transferring ink from an electronic or laser-generated digital image directly onto paper or any other substrate.

We offer digital printing services in Kent

If you want to take your business to the next level, then digital printing services are what you need. Digital printing is the best way to get your business noticed and an environmentally friendly way to print. If you’re looking for a new way to market yourself or set up a new shop, then digital printing is definitely the way forward!

Digital printing offers so many benefits over traditional methods of printing. It’s more cost-effective than offset lithography and screen printing because it doesn’t require ink plates or screens which wear down over time. It also allows us to create more complex designs with fine detail than ever before with minimal cost per unit compared with other types of print production processes such as litho/screen/offset etc etc !!!

Business card printing

Business cards are a great way to promote your business and leave a lasting impression on your customers. With the right design and materials, they can be used for networking, direct marketing and general advertising purposes.

Here are some tips on how you can maximize the use of business cards:

  • Choose a durable material that will last longer
  • Make sure that your logo stands out from the rest of the information on your card so people remember it better
  • Make sure that there is enough space for all important information like phone number, email address etc., because this will help conserve space for other things such as coupons or discounts

Vinyl Printing

Vinyl printing is a great way to advertise your business. With vinyl, you can create custom stickers and decals for your home or office windows that will stick around for years. You can also print custom banners and flags with vinyl, which makes excellent advertising tools when used at events like expos or conferences. A third option is to use vinyl on glass so that people passing by get an eyeful of whatever message you want to display!

The cost-effectiveness of this printing method makes it an excellent choice for small businesses who want to make a big impact without spending much money on marketing materials.

Ensure that you are getting the services which are best for your business

When you are looking for a printing company, it is important to make sure that they can meet all of your needs. You need to find a company that can provide quality services, but at an affordable price. This will ensure that your business is successful and that you have no problems with the products or services provided by the printing company. Here at BJ Decals, we are a local and friendly business based in Tunbridge Wells in Kent. We also cover the entire southeast so, get in touch if you have any questions.

Digital Printing Services is what you need to take your business and graphic design to the next level

Digital printing services are the best way to go if you want to print your business cards or vinyl stickers. It’s fast, efficient and cost effective.

When you use digital printing services, there are no limits on what kind of material can be used in the printing process. This means if you want your business card to have a glossy finish or an opaque background with a matte finish, digital printing will allow for that. With traditional offset printing (the most common type of commercial printing), it would take an extra step which would then increase costs for the client and make things more difficult on the printer themselves because they would have to work harder at getting their machine set up correctly every time they wanted something different from what was normal protocol when using offset presses like thermal transfer or laser printers which require pre-printed material as opposed to blank paper stock so they could print directly onto it instead of having some sort of adhesive backing already there beforehand before being pasted together afterwards…


We are here to help you with all your printing requirements. You just have to get in touch with us and we will give you the best advice on how to go about it. We also provide free quotes so that you know how much it will cost before we start working on your project.

Custom Shop Front Signs and Fascias in Kent

At BJ Decals we produce and manufacture Custom Shop Front Signs on premises in Tunbridge Wells. Our sign installations are available across the whole of the South East, including Kent, Sussex, Surrey and Greater London. 

Why get a custom shop front sign?

If you are a physical store in a high street or anywhere with people going past it on a regular basis, then it’s important to stand out and get in front of people. Getting an attractive, well-designed shop sign that targets your potential customers makes a massive impact on a business.

First impressions are very important for retail businesses in the high street, if you have a bad shop sign then people won’t take you seriously. A well-designed shop front fascia can give your customers confidence that you are legitimate with your services or products.

At BJ Decals we work closely with our customers to design the perfect shop front signs, make them and install them. We can help with any kind of sign, from shop front signs to internal signs, commercial signs, personal and commercial. Just get in touch if you are looking for something in particular.

shop front signs

Why Shop Fascias are important

Customers make their decisions to go into a shop based on many factors. In the retail world, first impressions are hugely important, if your shop doesn’t look good, then they won’t enter the shop. Your shop signs will give your customers confidence that you are a good shop, and that you are legitimate.

Whether you want a small sign or a massive sign that takes up the entire shop front, maybe you want a colour sign that lights up, we can help you design anything else. Whatever makes you stand out in front of your competition we can help! With a well-designed, bright, bold shop sign, you will get the right customers to your door step!

BJ Decals will help design an amazing shop sign or Fascias in Tunbridge Well, Kent and the South East.

Make the right first impression.

External Signs for buildings in Kent

If you have a shop in Tunbridge Wells, first impressions can be the make or break of a sale. To make the best impression for your business you need the best signs for your business. Whether you are located on a business park or high street, your external retail signage is critical for footfall. At BJ Decals we have a huge range of services to help your business stand out.

Vinyl Graphics for your shop

If your shop front has suitable space then you can add self-adhesive vinyl graphics that can be applied straight to it. This will give your shop front a new look that will catch customers’ eye and attract them to come in. Whether you have a design or not, we can help from start to finish.

vinyl graphics kent

Flat Panel Shop Signs Tunbridge Wells

Flat Panel Signs are a simple way of displaying your business name, logo and other information. Printed and cut vinyl graphics can be applied to the panel’s face to increase your business appeal to those around you. Whether for industrial units or retail signs, panel signage boasts many mounting possibilities. They can be applied directly to the building, spaced from the building’s surface using stand-off fixings, mounted on fences, posts and many more.

flat panel shop signs kent
Smart Flat Panel Sign

Folded Tray Signs for businesses in Kent

Standing proud from the building, tray signs have hidden fixings, giving a clean and professional look. Folded tray signs have virtually endless branding possibilities, they can host vinyl graphics, flat cut lettering, 3D lettering along with many types of illumination. We can create your tray signs to any shape and size you wish.

external signage
Royston Sign Tray w/ Flat Cut Letters

Illuminated Signs Tunbridge Wells

Illumination allows your shop sign to be noticed at both day and night. There are many different types of signage lighting that we can advise on depending on details like sign design, placement and budget. Shown right is a common type called internal illumination. As the name suggests, this is where details cut out of a tray sign illuminated from within. These cut-outs are covered with translucent coloured materials to match your branding. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out more about signage illumination types.

illumatinated signs tunbridge wells
iWise Internal Illuminated Sign Tray

Flat Cut Lettering for Shop Signs Kent

Flat-cut letter signs can be fixed to many different substrates. Flat cut lettering can either be fixed directly to the substrate or spaced from it, introducing a gap between the lettering and the substrate, giving a 3D effect. Available in a range of materials, these signs are a good addition to standard flat signs or sign trays to make your shop sign more attractive.

flat cut lettering

Post & Panel Signs Kent

Post mounted signs provide an attractive signage solution for landmark points, estate branding or to create directional signage for business parks. We offer a variety of post sizes, profiles and caps to allow us to work to your individual requirements. We also offer panel contour cutting and powder coating to RAL colours for the more bespoke sign.

Post & Panel Signs
Krem Post Sign

Graphic Design for Vehicle Signwriting

At BJ Decals we offer a range of services to help businesses get noticed. From Shop Front signs to Internal Signage and Vehicle Sign-Writing, branding is key to getting your business in front of your audience. We offer graphic design services for your vehicle signwriting so we can help with the entire process. We create the graphics, logos and anything else you need and then add the graphics to your vehicle or shop signs.

graphic design for vans

What is Vehicle Signwriting?

Vehicle Signwriting is a great opportunity to advertise to thousands of potential customers whilst you are on the move. Vehicle Signwriting is also one of the most cost-effective advertising strategies. Cars and Vans are great advertising spaces and should always be considered when you are running a business. Visual Decals can be created within your Brand Guidelines, such as your logo, strapline, images and colour schemes.

We can help with making your business logo and well as graphics on your vehicle to help your business stand out from the competition.

Graphic Design for Vehicles Signwriting

Branding is not just about a good logo. Your branding is how your business is perceived by its audience. In terms of design, your branding should include your logo, colour palette, tagline and professional typography. BJ Decals provides great Graphic Design services in Kent to ensure your vehicle signwriting is the most beneficial that it can be for your business.

We also offer other services like leaflet design. Often businesses come to us for the entire branding process which often includes other areas like business cards and leaflets.

Why is Vehicle Signwriting Beneficial?

Vans in Kent and surrounding areas get seen by thousands of potential customers every single day. So why leave it blank? Using Vehicle Signwriting enhances your credibility as a business as well as allows your business to be seen with cost-effective advertising. The appearance and Branding of your vehicle visually describe the quality and reliability of the services that you provide – your Brand Image is very important! Here at BJ Decals, your vehicle graphics can be installed in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, with your brand image in mind.

graphic design for logos
Nuvia Halo Lit Aluminium Letters

How is Vehicle Signwriting done?

Vehicle graphics must provide clear visual information that is easy for your audience to read and retain, therefore your van/vehicle graphics will be installed in temperature-controlled and dust-free premises, ensuring the utmost quality and long-lasting installation.  

If you are looking for graphic designers to help improve the look of your vehicle get in touch today and we can give you a quick quote on a professional graphical design for your business.

Get Noticed in Kent with Vehicle Wrapping

If you’re in need of a good way to promote your business, especially if you’re a tradesman with one or multiple vehicles, wrapping your vehicles may be the best way to achieve this. There are multiple benefits to wrapping your car or van and displaying your company’s graphics.

van wrapping kent

What is Car Wrapping

Car wrapping can completely change the look of your vehicle without the need for an expensive paint spray. A plastic vinyl coating is placed over the paintwork of the car or van, a simple process that will not damage the underlying paintwork and can easily be removed at a later date. Wrapping like this is the most effective way to present your brand to potential customers. Any graphics, logos or contact info needed can be placed onto the wrapping so when your car or van is out on the job it’ll get noticed.     

Wrapping your Car or Van can look more Professional and Trustworthy  

High-quality graphics, wraps, and signwriting on your car or van prove you are dedicated and proud of your business. Part of this involves having high quality graphic design. Wraps that are well designed may be more eye-catching and present a more professional look to potential customers. Any untrustworthy tradesmen won’t want to be attached to a brand to avoid being found, so having wrapping on your vehicle proudly showing your company’s graphics shows how confident in your business you are.        

Wrapping is a Good Investment   

Spending the money on getting a car or van wrapped is a great investment for your company. Advertising in a local newspaper or online could cost a fair bit more than wrapping your vehicles and requires you to constantly put up more ads adding to the overall costs. A high quality wrapping on your vehicles could last a good few years, proving to be a very wise investment. If the wrap catches the attention of just a few customers who go on to use your services it would have basically paid for itself. The wrapping is also easily removed or replaced, so if in future details of your business change or you are in need of new branding it will be an easy cost-effective process to do this. 

van wrapping


There are clearly many good reasons to have your car or van wrapped to benefit your business, if you are based in Kent or the South East feel free to contact us. Hear from our many customers on Trustpilot too!

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Fascias & Shop Front Signs – Kent

Get the most out of your premises and maximum the number of eyes on your branding with a high-quality shop front sign in Kent. Get a custom-designed Fascia or front shop sign, that is unique, eye-catching, and makes a great first impression on your competitors and potential customers. First impressions are very important!

At BJ Decals, we will design and make your fascia & shop front sign in Kent. Shop Front Signs are highly visible outside of your business premises and Fascias boards can be fitted pretty much anywhere which makes your business look great.

Wyse Illuminated 3D Acrylic Letters

You can see a great image of a shop front sign from our client Wyse Byse. The sign looks amazing and it stands out for all of their customers to see. Giving a great first impression and showing the business is legitimate and professional.

Best Shop Sign Makers in Kent

Choosing the right sign for your business is a vital part of marketing. We have years of experience and expertise in the industry, we’re confident we can help you make an amazing front shop sign for your business in Kent. We put you and your business’s personality into the sign, making it completely custom.  Pick your font, color, shape, and size so your shop front sign is as unique to your business as possible.

All of the material we use is durable and will last years. We use of the best acrylic materials available.

Nuvia Halo Lit Aluminium Letters

Retail signs in the South East

Retail signs completely change the look of your shop or business, not to mention entice customers into your shop. We have a huge range of possibilities when it comes to retail signs. From acrylic to neon and metal signs, all of our materials are durable and look amazing on your shop front.

Retail signs can be added to the exterior or interior of any business. The entranceway of a business such as a dentist would greatly benefit from an amazing-looking sign when the customer first walks in. Wall signs and window graphics on a shop front is something we specialise in. A great-looking shop sign is a good way of increasing foot traffic from passing pedestrians. They are useful for displaying discounts or new offers.

At BJ Details we are proud to provide the full service when it comes to making shop signs. All of our retail signs are affordable and budget friendly. If you’re looking for ‘shop front signs near me’ then look no further, as we deliver our custom shop signage in Kent or South-East.